Humanise is an evolving repository of ideas for teaching Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) and related topics.

In our opinion, there’s no such thing as an off the peg, one-size-fits-all curriculum for all practitioners and learners; to attempt to develop such a curriculum is to fail to acknowledge the diversity of experiences and contexts of schools, groups of learners and individual learners. We hope that Humanise will support the development of ideas for Best Practice on which practitioners can draw to create a RSE curriculum from a range of suggested lesson sequences, ideas and resources.

This is very much a ‘live’ project, a work in progress that we will develop in response to requests for information and support and as we encounter new resources and approaches.

Site users are welcome to message us for suggestions on how teachers might deliver a topic. The response will then be shared on the site for the reference of other practitioners. Beyond that, we’re looking forward to how this project evolves as a responsive, reflexive site from the provision of reliable and effective resources to the facilitation of a community of practitioners in the RSE space via themed webinars. 

Best Practice in RSE is:

  • Developed in close and ongoing consultation with parents and carers
  • Responsive to community need and societal events
  • Biologically / scientifically accurate

High quality RSE facilitates the development of critical thinking skills to support the analysis of societal, cultural and media messages related to sex, relationships and related themes such as expectations of men and women.

Why Humanise?

We believe that the ability to recognize each other’s basic humanity lies at the heart of all learning related to Relationships and Sex Education and is fundamental to addressing related issues such as abuse and exploitation.

Disclaimer: This site links to external sites which contains resources that we believe practitioners may find useful. These sites are not associated with and do not endorse the Humanise project in any way unless specified.

Humanise is not currently funded or sponsored. If this changes it will be clearly stated.