Body Image

Key Knowledge:

Sources of information about the male and female body
The motivation behind a range of images (eg advertising, gaming, social media posts, selfies and avatars etc.)
How images are generated
The difference between the representation of bodies and reality
How engagement with images can impact on wellbeing (emotional and physical)
How physical activity and participation in other offline activities can support self-esteem and wellbeing

Male and Female – photoshopping and the impact on perception of the body


BBC Bigorexia – Never Buff Enough (Year 9 upwards)

BBC Reggie Yates – Dying for a Six Pack (Year 11)

Media Smart – Boys’ Biggest Conversation (Year 7 upwards)


(all suitable for Year 7 and above)

Dove – Reverse Selfie

Dove – Stereotypes/Beauty Standards

Dove – Photoshopping

Dove – Onslaught (Media and Beauty Standards)

This Girl Can – Women and Sport

This Girl Can Me Again – Women and Sport