Event Notes: Introducing the Manosphere – Thurs 10th and 23rd April

It was fantastic to meet so many people during these two events who were to keen learn more about the Manosphere and the implications for children and young people of engagement in these online spaces. Much of the key information that we discussed is covered in our blogpost from our session on Misogynistic Influencers, which you can find here. You might also like to have a look at Michael’s notes following a Men At Work event last September to which Tamasine also contributed.

Internet Matters does a good primer of the Manosphere here, offering an overview of the different groups that we explored during the session. If you’re looking for a bit more detail (and you have the stomach for it) the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) has excellent coverage here.

So. Just to go over a number of the topics that we mentioned during these sessions:

The curriculum ideas that Tamasine covered can be found on this section of the Humanise site.

Tamasine made reference to Elliott Rogers. You can find out more about his manifesto in this NY Times article. Also Jake Davison, who carried out a mass-shooting in Plymouth in the 2021.

Tamasine discussed how she uses an interview with Shamima Begum’s husband to explore how Andrew Tate’s construction of gender roles and marriage is near identical to that of ISIS. Indeed, representatives of the Taliban are believed to have expressed concern for Tate when he was first arrested in Romania.

And just a link to Michael’s #10 Dialogues for those who might still be unfamiliar with them.

Please do get in touch if there’s any other information you’d like us to add here.

Best wishes and speak soon – Michael and Tamasine