Gender Stereotyping Resources

Little Women clip – Marriage is an economic proposition (History of stereotypes)

Female bodies over time

Female bodies over time (older students)

Male fashion over time

Biases regarding employment

Boys and Girls on Stereotypes

Always – ‘Like A Girl’ advert

Hasbro Advert – Boys and Dolls

BBC Clip – No More Boys and Girls Toys Experiment

The Impact of Gender Stereotypes on Mental Health

Man Up Campaign (Clean version)

Professor Green – Suicide and Me (Year 11 + in close communication with parents and carers)

Trailer for The Mask You Live In Documentary (Year 11+ in close communication with parents and carers. Contains strong language)

Trailer for Missrepresentation Documentary


BBC Bigorexia – Never Buff Enough (Year 9 upwards)

BBC Reggie Yates – Dying for a Six Pack (Year 11)

Media Smart – Boys’ Biggest Conversation (Year 7 upwards)


Dove – Reverse Selfie

Dove – Stereotypes/Beauty Standards

Dove – Photoshopping

Dove – Onslaught (Media and Beauty Standards)

This Girl Can – Women and Sport

This Girl Can Me Again – Women and Sport