Key Knowledge:

The correct name for male and female body parts related to the reproductive system
How human reproduction takes place
The changes to the male body that take place during puberty:

Becoming taller and bigger – males gain more skeletal and muscle mass than females
Hair growth on face, underarm, in genital area and usually thicker, coarser hair on legs, chest and back
Voice deepening (octave lower than girls)
Sweating and body odour
Hair becoming more oily
Erections and wet-dreams
Shoulders broaden
The changes to the female body that take place during puberty:

Becoming taller and larger – females gain more fat mass than males
Hair growth underarm and in genital area. Some females may experience hair growth on their face, chest and buttocks. This is often benign but it can also be a symptom of PCOS so is worth mentioning to a parent or carer and discussing with the GP
Beginning of menses (menstruation)
Voice deepening (octave higher than boys)
Hair becoming more oily
Sweating and body odour
Widening of the hips
Bodies are of different shapes and sizes and that there is no ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect body’
Products to support menstruation including sustainable alternatives such as menstrual cups and washable pads and pants
Puberty can be an emotionally challenging experience which can impact on relationships with parents/carers and peers
Brain development causes most teenagers to be curious about sex and sexual activity. Many boys and girls masturbate which is not harmful but is private
The age of sexual consent in the UK is 16. This law is in place to protect children and young people from abuse and exploitation by predatory adults

BBC Bitesize – Human Reproduction

The Human Body – Raging Teens (The references to attraction is this film refer only to heterosexual contexts. The teacher will need to add that people can be same-sex or both-sex attracted and that it very normal to be uncertain about sexual orientation during puberty. It is also very normal not to be curious about sex and sexual orientation; everyone is different)

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