Sexual Relationships

Key Knowledge:

Revision: The age of sexual consent; enthusiastic consent
Revision: The importance and correct use of condoms during sex including oral sex for men and women and men and men
How to obtain and use emergency contraception
STIs including HIV and the role of testing, condom use and PrEP in reducing transmission
The difference between real sex and representations of sex in the media including pornography
Revision: that pornography is related to exploitation, abuse and human trafficking
Many activities depicted in pornography are harmful especially to women
That use of pornography is linked to poor mental health outcomes and erectile dysfunction

Channel 4 – The A-Z of Love and Sex

Clip from Gavin and Stacey 18.04 to 18.18 (dialogue and action after this point not appropriate for classroom use.  The full season is rated 15+. This clip does not show depictions of nudity or sex). 

Consent scene from BBC’s Normal People (to be used in close communication with parents and carers. Also rated 15+. Nudity is implied but the characters are seen in terms of head and shoulders only. At the start of this scene Marianne initiates sex by asking Connell if he has a condom).  

Your Brain on Porn

The relationship between internet porn and erectile dysfunction